Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Scott

Ten Years of History at AHS

Jason Scott


Jason Scott

Mr. Scott teaches history and is the adviser for both the National Honor Society and Ultimate Frisbee Team

Did you always want to be a teacher? If not, what did you want to be?

Growing up, I wanted to be an FBI agent. I first went to college for criminal justice as my major, but changed it after my first semester to pursue a career in teaching. I never even took a criminal justice class! Both of my parents were teachers, so I wanted to be different than them. But, I ended up following the same path that they did.

Where did you grow up?

Rockland, MA

What aspect of history or specific time period is your favorite?

My favorite aspect of history is World War II, and my favorite story from history is the stealing of Lincoln’s body.

How long have you been teaching at Abington High?

This is my tenth year.

Which classes do you/have you taught here? Which are your favorites to teach?

I have taught US History I and II, AP US History, Law, and Psychology. My favorite to teach is AP US History because it challenges me the most.

 What do you like the most about Abington High?

The tight community, how students are driven to succeed, and the students want to work together rather than against one another.

What has been your most memorable moment at Abington High?

I do not have a specific moment, but in general it makes me happy when I hear back from students that they got something out of my class and they thank me for it. It is so rewarding. Also, (I appreciate) how Abington High took a chance on me, and hired me despite being straight out of college.

How long have you been coaching Ultimate Frisbee?

Ten years.

 What is your best memory from Frisbee from any season so far?

Winning the Division I Andover Invitational.

 Do you think that the team will have much success this season?

I think so; we will be a much better team in May. We have a lot of new players, and I think we will surprise some teams.

Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

I like to play golf, play guitar, cook for my wife and spend time with my family.