Rising Artist Dua Lipa takes the Industry by Storm 

Dua Lipa’s tour set to begin in Boston on November 20th

Morgan MacNeil-Berry, Copy Editor

Twenty-two-year-old UK rising sensation Dua Lipa has taken the music world by storm. This past summer, Lipa released her hit single “New Rules” which has since gone number one not only in the United Kingdom and the United States, but across the globe.

Shortly after releasing the single, Lipa also released the music video for the song, which has 132 million YouTube views and counting. Many have deemed this song not only a summer anthem but a song they will remember.  

“New Rules” is a song like none out there. Today’s music industry is heavily focused on songs that will become hits and not typically on the content of the song. However, Lipa conquered both obstacles with “New Rules,” creating a strong and powerful message with her lyrics as well as creating a chart topper.

In interviews, Lipa has expressed her feminist beliefs and placed those views in her music. In both the song and the video, Lipa expresses women needing to lift up one another in times of need, especially when it comes to men. The chorus of the song repeats these, almost commandments, stating “One, don’t pick up the phone/Two, don’t let him in/Three don’t be his friend…” trying to tell women that the men they always go back to are not good for them.

The song is relevant and important to today’s society

— Morgan MacNeil-Berry

Songs with such strong feminist viewpoints are rarely placed on the market because many producers don’t believe people will listen, but especially now, songs like “New Rules” are absolutely relevant.  

Not only has “New Rules” allowed Lipa to express her feminist thoughts and create a platform for herself, her skills as an artist and performer have been recognized. Lipa’s voice is unlike any others on the market today. While having a modern day sound that is appealing to the younger audience, her sound also exudes a more old-school tone as well.

Her voice will remind listeners of a cross between Lorde and Amy Winehouse, both of whom have very differing tones, yet Lipa’s is a combination of theirs and many others. Not only is her voice pleasant to hear, the production and backbeat of the song not only propels the importance of the lyrics, but allows for the tune to stick in the listener’s head. It is guaranteed that when you hear this song, you will be humming it for the rest of the day.  

“New Rules” has become an overnight sensation that isn’t just a sensation. The song is relevant and important to today’s society, which creates a want to listen to it. The song really gives the listeners insight into who Lipa is as an artist and a person. Dua Lipa is definitely an artist to keep an eye out or ear open for as she continues on her musical journey!