Carrie: The Musical” Premieres this Week!

Find out what it costs to be kind when AHS Drama brings Carrie: The Musical to life


Bill Marquardt

Bekah Salah ’25 and the ensemble of Carrie: The Musical

Alex Jernegan, Staff Writer

Carrie: The Musical written by Lawrence D. Cohen, with the song lyrics by Dean Pitchford, and music by Michael Gore opens this Thursday at AHS. Cohen adapted the production from Stephen King’s 1974 novel Carrie, which focuses on awkward teenage Carrie White, who realizes she has telekinetic powers and whose lonely life is dominated by her oppressive religious mother Margaret White. It originally debuted in 1988 and was soon revived Off-Broadway at the Lucille Lortel Theatre by MCC Theater in 2012.

Mr. Jim Sullivan, a part-time theater arts director and actor from East Bridgewater, joins AHS Drama once again as Carrie’s director. He previously directed the spring 2022 production of Lockdown.

Mr. Shannon, AHS Drama advisor, is taking on the role of musical director for this production. Shannon acknowledged that, at first glance, Carrie seemed like an odd choice for a musical. “Many people have asked, ‘Why Carrie? Why a horror story?’ Although it remains faithful to the source material, there is so much more to the musical than a bucket of blood.”When asked about the show’s message, Shannon added, “We feel the central theme of the show is, “What does it cost to be kind?” (and what is the price we pay when we’re not?)”

“…when I walked in those doors and saw people who were ready to create some awesome work, I dove right in. I had heard from some friend about this year’s musical and I knew nothing about it at first, but after a little while, I’ve grown to love it in all its darkness, and its light.”

— Gregory Fish

Ensemble cast members Allie Lindvall and Moss Michelangelo-Umile, and Gregory Fish, who plays Margaret White, sat down with fellow cast mate Alex Jernegan to reflect on the production.

Jernegan: How are you liking your experience in Carrie: The Musical?

Lindvall: My experience has been very positive. The cast is so outgoing and supportive, I’ve definitely strengthened and created new bonds!

Michelangelo-Umile: I’m really loving my experience. I’ve had a lot of fun dancing and singing. I’ve also made new friends and have become more confident with myself.

Fish: I am really enjoying working with the cast of Carrie, they are truly an electrifying group of people to work with, and we’ve built such a community in just these past few months. They’re all very creative and passionate about what they do, which makes them such brilliant people and friends.

Jernegan: What are you most looking forward to in your role?

Lindvall: I am most looking forward to small group choreography, I love being grouped with my fellow cast mates and being in sync!

Michelangelo-Umile: With my role I’m mostly looking forward to showing my character’s pent up emotions and relationships with other characters.

Fish: I am looking forward to the solo I have been working on. If I do my job right, I should make the audience feel all kinds of feelings, which will be interesting to hear about after the show. My character, Margaret White, is such a conflicting character to play, and if I can convey that to the audience during my songs, then that will be a check mark in my book!

Jernegan: How do you like working with your cast mates and the production team?

Lindvall: The production members, cast, and crew are amazing! The teamwork and dedication of everyone involved is nothing short of incredible. Like every year, we’re all one big family.

Michelangelo-Umile: I really love working with the cast and production members, everyone’s fun and understanding. Overall it’s a very exciting and welcoming environment.

Fish: Mr. Shannon, Mr. Sullivan, Ms. Mahanna, Ms. Tomlin, our lovely choreographer, Diana, and set designer, Mr. Beckvold, have been so lovely to work with. They all have an artistic vision for this show and when it all comes together, it puts a smile on my face. Our leaders work so well with the cast and are making such a beautiful product, and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Jernegan: What drew you to audition for the play?

Lindvall: I auditioned for the show because I think the show has a great message and I love Carrie as a character.

Michelangelo-Umile: What drew me to audition for the show was that it was based off a book I knew from an author that I like, along with that it was musical. I love music and the idea of doing a play with only dialogue scares me. Plus, I have friends who like theater so I wanted to try getting into it as well.

Fish: I originally wasn’t going to, due to the dark nature of the show itself. But when I walked in those doors and saw people who were ready to create some awesome work, I dove right in. I had heard from some friend about this year’s musical and I knew nothing about it at first, but after a little while, I’ve grown to love it in all its darkness, and its light.

Jernegan: As a cast member, what has been your biggest challenge in this show?

Lindvall: My biggest challenge has definitely been time management. I’ve had to balance all of my other activities around rehearsals, but the work is always worth it.

Michelangelo-Umile: As a cast member my biggest challenge in this show has been interacting with other actors on stage, especially with having  to stand close and touch. It’s out of my comfort zone but I’ve definitely been getting better with it.

Fish: My biggest challenge in this show has been taking on the darker and more sinister aspects of the show. My character has a lot of scenes where there isn’t joy, and not a speck of comedy in sight, so it’s been hard to adjust to that, but I think it’s become a beautiful experience that I won’t soon forget.

Carrie: The Musical will be performed in the AHS auditorium on 3/9 and 3/10 at 7:30pm. The Saturday 3/11 show with start at 2:00pm. Reserved seats and tickets are sold in advance at Online sales will stop 12 hours prior to each show. If you forget to buy tickets beforehand, they will be sold at the door. Auditorium doors will open 30 minutes prior to each show.

*Please note that Carrie contains mature subject matter and is not suitable for younger audiences.*