Parting Words from a Class President

Senior class president, Danika Trucchi, reflects on her four years at AHS and her class legacy


courtesy Danika Trucci

Senior class president, Danika Trucchi

Maggie Hardy, Staff Writer

As summer approaches, that means another Abington High School class is on their way to bigger and better things. Ahead of the class of 2022 graduation last weekend I asked their class president, Danika Trucchi, a few questions for her perspective on the journey their class has taken throughout their 12 years of school.

The class of 2022 has had a high school experience like no other, and lived through unprecedented times. When asked to describe her class as a whole, Danika said, “Powerful. Capable. Diligent. We are a group of incredibly talented individuals with endless passion, creativity, and drive.” She added, “Every single one of us has potential for greatness and there is no doubt in my mind that we will achieve it.” From academics, to sports, to art and music; the class of 2022’s influence can be recognized everywhere. This class has contributed great things to every aspect of our school, and every student can feel their impact.

Each class leaves a unique legacy behind at AHS. On her class legacy, Danika said, “I think that my class and I will go down in Abington history as the students who took charge and showed up for each other.” There is no doubt that this class always fought for what they believed was right. As Danika put it, “From events as casual as sporting games to our reactions to the various tragedies that struck us, we always stood in solidarity together and did what the adults wouldn’t dare to do: spoke out.” No matter the cause or reason, they were never afraid to bring their problems straight to the people that could change them, or they changed them themselves.

I think that my class and I will go down in Abington history as the students who took charge and showed up for each other

— Danika Trucchi

Being class president comes with its unique challenges and rewards, and Danika is no stranger to that. She said that one of the most challenging parts of being class president was “receiving major backlash after making major decisions…it’s impossible to please everyone- that I know.” Class presidents are entrusted with making some of the biggest decisions a class can make. With a class of well over one hundred students, there is almost never a time when everyone will agree, or everyone will be happy and content with the decisions made. Along with challenges, the position also comes with its rewards. Danika said her most fun moment being the class president was, “being able to host our Junior Class Auction in May of 2021”. She described it as, “a lot of work trying to pull such a large scale event together, especially it being our first big event since the start of the pandemic”. The Junior Class Auction for every class is generally its largest fundraising event. It usually makes over $10,000, and helps cover the cost for the classes prom and senior year activities. Although it was a lot of work, Danika said, “It was one of the most heartwarming experiences I had as the class president”.

As we say goodbye to the class of 2022, Danika had some parting words. She stated, “My greatest piece of advice for future Abington High graduates is to live for yourself. In the least selfish, destructive way, value your own needs and desires most…this is your life, live it your way.” Coming from someone who has gone through 12 years of schooling, this is advice one can and should definitely take to heart.

Danika plans to attend Loyola University in Maryland, majoring in Political Science and minoring in English. She has aspirations of attending Law School after her undergrad years and becoming an attorney specializing in special victims cases.