Drew Donovan Dash

Track and Field athlete sets new school record


Bill Marquardt, with permission

Abington High School junior Drew Donovan in a Track and Field meeting that was held in the spring due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Dasean Leggitt, Contributor

Abington High School junior Drew Donovan set a new school record on May 8 for the 100m dash, clocking in at 11.24. 

The multi-sport athlete, Donovan broke the record that was held since 1968 by Len Steele.

Donovan’s fellow Track and Field peer Maria Wood, also a junior, broke the 100m dash record for the Green Wave as well.

Dasean Leggett: How did it feel to beat the previous 100 meter record for Abington High? 

Drew Donovan: It felt good. I was working on it for like two or three years. So it’s good to finally get it.

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It feels good because the record hasn’t been broken in like 50 years.

— Drew Donovan

Leggett: How did it feel in the last seconds of crossing the finish line? Was it a close one? 

Donovan: Well the kid I raced was like the fastest in the state, so I didn’t come that close. I was very disappointed about not beating him. But, when I crossed the finish line, my coach let me know that I broke the record. So I was pretty happy about that.

Leggett: How did you prepare for the race? 

Donovan: We had a short season, so we didn’t get a lot of practices in, and we kind of just ran out there and worked our hardest every practice we got.

Leggett: What do you plan on doing in the future, football or track? 

Donovan: Well, I’d like to do both. Hopefully with the upcoming track states, I’ll get a couple of people looking my ways for college. 

Leggett: What would you say to the young, upcoming track athletes at Abington High? 

Donovan: I’d say to keep working, because you might be the fastest in the school, but there are always bigger fish in the sea that’ll beat you in every race. So just keep working hard.

Leggett: Were you always the fastest as a kid? 

Donovan: Growing up I wasn’t really the fastest until I hit puberty and got a little bigger. Then I really got a lot of speed behind me.

Leggett: How does it feel to have your name recorded in Abington history? 

Donovan: It feels good because the record hasn’t been broken in like 50 years. Hopefully I can improve my time so it never gets broken again.

Leggett: Did speed come naturally to you?  

Donovan: Well, I was always chasing my big brother [Shawn Donovan, multi-sport athlete, Class of 2017], trying to get faster than him. So it just came from competing with him.

Leggett: Who would you like to dedicate your success to?  

Donovan: I’d like to dedicate most of my success to my coach, Coach Casely, because he pushed me everyday in practice. And also my teammates Elizabeth Roy [Class of 2021] and Isaiah Ricketson [Class of 2023] who pushed me everyday by racing.