Looking Back on What Just Happened

A high school junior reflects


Patricia Pflaumer

The 2020-2021 school year began in September with teachers such as those pictured here from Abington High School’s English department preparing online curriculum and getting their classrooms ready to teach during a pandemic. Left to right: Miss Erin Slayton, Mr. Matthew Cutter, Dr. Elizabeth Gonsalves, Ms. Megan Tomlin, Mrs. Kimberly McHugh, and Ms. Patricia Pflaumer.

Manuel Mendoza Flores, Contributor

COVID-19 has been with us for over a year now and so much has happened. During the beginning of COVID in March of 2020, it was an utter disaster.

Schools were shutdown to prevent any further cases of COVID, which was an effective way to slow it down. But it caused a disruption.

The school thought of a solution, which was online school through an educational service, or hybrid school taught at Abington, where students came some of the time.

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The policy to wear a mask in school was one that seemed to help.

— The policy to wear a mask in school was one that seemed to help.

When the school was finally back up again in September, it was unfortunate that several weeks later it had to be closed again and classes became fully virtual.

Opinions on it varied between people. Some liked it while others not so much. Many students had difficulty trying to focus on class, considering they were at home so they could do whatever they wanted whenever.

School life definitely was tough during the pandemic, but daily life was even tougher for many. For instance, during the beginning of the pandemic, stores and markets would usually be out of food and toilet paper. It was horrible. There were even cases where people would actually steal food, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

From the year 2020 to 2021, we have had some policies we had to follow in order to prevent any furthers cases. The policy to wear a mask in school was one that seemed to help.

Although China had worn masks for many years before COVID existed, the United States initially did not and was hit hard by the virus.

Even though there were many hardships during the last year, there is some light during these dark times. For example, nurses and doctors were working hard to keep the population healthy. And vaccines started to be given, which does lessen the chances of contracting COVID again or for the first time.