Mask Wearing in Japan Versus the US


Antwonne Graham

Socially distanced and masked, Abington High School students Collin Maynard, Anthony Tofuri, Sam Valle, Kyle McQueeny, and Antonio Carolos Andrade sit in class May of 2021.

Antwonne Graham, Contributor

Coronavirus has been ripping apart families all over the world. But is a country like Japan in better hands with their health than we are in America?

People in Japan have been wearing masks for over ten years. That’s way before the coronavirus even was born.

The mask blocks my face, but I don’t mind it if we are staying safe.

— Colin Maynard

Japan is a very populated place and is usually visited by tourists. It is a democratic constitutional monarchy run by an emperor. The people go by their ruler’s word.

The article “Is the Secret to Japan’s Virus Success Right in Front of Its Face” published in “NY Times Upfront Magazine,” said, “Japan has reported 17,000 infections and 900 deaths but the United States has reported “1.9 million cases and 110,000 deaths.”

There were some deaths during the first wave of COVID in Japan, but ever since the first outbreak there have only been two cases in Japan, according to the article.

The Japanese usually wear masks during the flu season or whenever the weather is not too good. The masks may be why COVID is low there.

Japan is far ahead of the US in keeping the COVID death toll low. They could even possibly be able to have the Olympics there during the pandemic.

Although in Japan they have been wearing masks for a decade, students at Abington High are getting used to wearing masks, too. When asked how they feel about wearing masks, three juniors and two seniors all thought it was a good thing.

Antonio Carlos Andrade said, “I like to wear my mask because it helps me and others with their health conditions.” Samuel Valle said, “It’s a good thing that we are wearing mask….to protect others and myself from COVID.” And Kyle McQueeny said wearing a mask means “We are keeping each other safe.”

Senior Anthony Tofuri said, “I wear my mask to protect my family and friends” and his peer Colin Maynard said, “The mask blocks my face, but I don’t mind it if we are staying safe.”

The ratio of the coronavirus has been less in Japan than in many other places of the world. America should adopt their mask habit.