Abington Coach Kristin Gerhart discusses the Cheerleading season


Kristin Gerhart, family photo

Abington High School Cheerleading coach Ms. Kristin Gerhart (seen here) has been cheering for most of her life.

Kylie Zebrasky, Contributor

Ms. Kristin Gerhart has been Abington High School’s Cheerleading coach for two years now. She was also the Assistant Cheer coach back in 2015 at Abington.

When Gerhart was herself in high school, she was a cheerleader. Gerhart graduated from Pembroke High School.

Along with being Abington’s Cheer coach, Gerhart is also one of the math teachers at the High School. She has been a math teacher at Abington for seven years.

Abington High School cheerleaders pose for a picture at Frolio Middle School on April 9, 2021 for Senior Night. Left to right: Carolyn Doherety, Aleena Magnasco, Leah Kinnibergh, Kylie Zebrasky, Lyla Blanchard, and Coach Ms. Gerhart. (Courtney Kolodziej, with permission)

Zebrasky: What made you want to be the Abington high school cheerleading coach? 

Gerhart“I spent my high school years coaching youth cheerleading teams and always knew that I wanted to coach a high school team one day.  I started my high school coaching career as a volunteer cheer coach at Abington High.  When the opportunity came to apply for the head coach position, I knew it was something that I could not pass up.  I have loved every minute of coaching the high school cheerleaders. 

Kylie Zebrasky: How is this season different from last season? What were the guidelines you had to follow? 

Kristin Gerhart“Our season looked different from last year with cheerleading modifications in place. Some of our guidelines included social distancing, masks, sanitizing, not elevating voices indoors, and not sharing equipment.” 

Zebrasky: How do you think this season went with the guidelines? 

Gerhart“We were able to travel to every game with the football team and perform on the sidelines.” 

Zebrasky: Do you think the guidelines were reasonable? 

Gerhart“The guidelines that were in place put the safety of everyone first and led to a successful season.”