May the fourth be with you!

“Star War” fans around the world celebrate


Jonathan Bourn, personal photo

Mr. Jonathan Bourn, principal at Abington High School, poses with Chewbacca at the Star Wars land in Disney. Like many across the world, Bourn, May 4 is a special day to celebrate and Abington High School did this year.

On Tuesday, “Star Wars” music played over the loudspeakers as students from Abington High School switched in between classes.

May 4 is commonly known as “Star Wars Day” by their fans around the world. The day alludes to the phrase from the film “May the force be with you.”

Created by George Lucas and first shown in 1977, “Star Wars” is a popular movie series that the principal Mr. Jonathan Bourn loves. He decided to “liven up a rainy day” by playing songs from the “Star Wars” soundtrack.

Bourn said he is tempted to play music in between classes on a day-to-day basis, but “I must warn you that I have very particular taste in music.”

Junior Doug Hemenway is not a “Star Wars” fan, but he said he “enjoyed the music that was playing over the loudspeakers in between periods.”

When asked if he recognized the music he answered “Yes.” Even if not a “Star Wars” fan, students could easily recognize the soundtrack.

The music made the day better by giving students a pep in their step as they walked down the hallways.