The Weekly Wave Season 3 Episode 9 Podcast Version

Special Guest: Lyla Blanchard

Matthew Lyons, Aaron Johnson, and Derek Tirrell


The Weekly Wave is a program of Abington High School’s Green Wave Gazette, created by Matthew Lyons and Aaron Johnson.

On Tuesday, Mar. 2, Senior at Abington High School and star of the upcoming AHS production “Working”, Lyla Blanchard, sat down with “The Weekly Wave” hosts Matt Lyons ’21 and Aaron Johnson ’21 about the COVID adaptation of the musical, her experience as a performer, and advice she would give to future students at Abington High School.


  • Matthew Lyons, Class of 2021
  • Aaron Johnson, Class of 2021


  • Derek Tirrell, Class of 2021

Audio Engineer:

  • Joseph Beaver, Class of 2021


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