Shifts in Schedules Becoming the Norm

The coronavirus pandemic forces flexibility


Abington HIgh School senior Michael Iyamabo gets ready to shut down his school issued laptop for the winter break which begins Tuesday, December 22, 2020. Students have been given fully remote lessons for most of December.

At Abington High School before the Covid pandemic, students sat in a classroom for approximately 49-minutes for seven periods a day. Eventually, the bells would ring for students to attend their next class. They had some time after class to do an array of things in the hallway, like talking to friends, using their locker, and stopping in the restrooms. This cycle repeated until the end of the day.

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I prefer the old hybrid schedule much better because I enjoy being able to see my teacher in person.

— Andrew McCluskey

Due to the pandemic this year of 2020/2021, a shift was made to the school schedule . Specifically, in the form of a 4-block schedule each day instead of seven. Classes are now nearly an hour and a half each.

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, high school started with a hybrid schedule. Half of the students attended school for two days, while the other half of students attended remotely. On Wednesdays, everyone was remote and attended their mentor session.

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, the schedule shifted again to fully remote. All students attended classes online four days a week. Periods 1-4 on Mondays and Thursdays. Periods 5-7 and a Bridge Block on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each class was still about 80-minutes long.

Students have different opinions on the hybrid versus fully remote model.

Senior Kaitlyn Thetonia said, “I personally like the prior structure of [hybrid] class better because I feel like it is more difficult to learn at home due to the lack of motivation. Being in school at least two days helps me to learn better.”

Which schedule this year do you like best?

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Senior Andrew McClusky agrees “because I enjoy being able to see my teacher in person.”

However, some students like senior Madison Sweeney like fully remote learning better. “I do like the current schedule better because I like that I get to see my teachers [online] twice a week,” she said.

Even though the shifts in scheduling are not liked by everyone, it helps people handle challenges. That is a necessary skill in life. We all must realize, nothing is perfect. Especially in the year of 2020.