A Very COVID Summer

Kicking Back on Coronacation


Alex Jernegan

A double rainbow shines on August 22, 2020 at 7:03 PM over the parking lot at the Southwind Plaza in Hyannis, Cape Cod.

Alex Jernegan, Staff Writer

An online school year in the spring was not my idea of fun. My routine consisted of waking up, eating breakfast, doing work, eating lunch, and doing more work!

At the beginning  of summer during quarantine, I felt fine but at times I was bored, even although I had plenty of things to keep me occupied, such as my guinea pigs Vanilla and Chewie. Also, reading a book series “Kingdom Keepers Book I Disney After Dark”, watching my favorite show on Netflix called “Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir,” and my favorite YouTuber, SMG4.

But a summer with COVID-19 restrictions wasn’t all that bad. I spent some time down Duxbury Beach because my nana has a beach house down there that she has owned since my dad and my uncles were kids. Family comes down a lot during the summer. I love seeing my beach friends down there because I can only see them during the summer. One of my uncles takes his boat out in the summer and rides around in it, sometimes giving us rides too. My cousin Kelsey, from Washington DC, comes up to Duxbury for the whole summer, and it is always fun to see her.

“We never got to travel far on vacation but we were able to go to Hull.”

— Alex Jernegan

We never got to travel far on vacation this year, but we were able to go to Hull. We have rented the same vacation house in Nantasket for the past three years with my aunt, uncle, and cousin Maddie. We spent our days at the beach. Our nights we spent roasting marshmallows and making  s’mores by the fire.

Also, in the evening during the sun set, we would go shell collecting. We also enjoyed Jake’s Seafood restaurant, even though we had to walk in with masks on. Another mini vacation we went on was going to Hyannis, where I saw a double rainbow while staying at my aunt’s time share. We spent some of our days in Cape Cod by relaxing in the sun at Craigsville Beach. At night, we went shopping and mini golfing.

In conclusion, even though things were a bit different from what I am used to, we made the best of it as a family and were safe while doing it. And besides, we are living through an unprecedented time in history. No doubt 2020 will be in the history books. I plan to tell my kids all about this pandemic.

If there is anything I learned from this past summer, it is that no summer is perfect or boring. Although, I’m looking forward to the summer of 2021.