Finding Company during COVID-19 Isolation

Family pets offer friendship when leaving home is not an option

Rocky, a 10-year-old lab mix, waits for his companion Sean Moran, a senior at Abington High School, to play fetch.

Sean Moran, Contributor

Social distancing and being kept home in quarantine are certainly not easy times for most people. Not going out for lunch, hanging out with friends, or even going for walks is now common.

It’s important to still stay connected, though, even if isolated from others. Most people can with technology by calling or video chatting with friends and family. But there is still a lack of social interaction that cannot be filled with online interaction. 

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Some are fortunate enough to have pets to keep them company during this troubling time. Yes, they can’t talk to you and do the things your friends can, but they make great company. They will accompany you when you have no one else.

There are many ways to make the best while social distancing and staying home, if you have pets. I personally play tug of war with my dogs Coco and Rocky, let my sugar glider fly around the living room, and watch my snakes explore in the backyard on occasion.

But there are plenty of other things to do with your pets. You can teach them new tricks or skills that you previously never had the time for, play fetch or other games that your pet is capable of, and even just pet them to alleviate stress that we have all been struggling with lately. 

Not everyone has a pet, but to the people fortunate enough who have a pet, or even many pets, don’t take for granted the gift you have.

Although pets can’t interact the same way as people, they are friends nonetheless. Being lonely due to having to stay home in this time of COVID-19 is one of the leading causes of stress. So be sure to give your pet all of the attention that they give you and be there for each other during this pandemic.