What If…

Covid-19 Pandemic Is Viewed Through a Different Lens

Derek Tirrell


Lyla Blanchard, with permission

Abington High School junior Lyla Blanchard has been making Sunshine Stones during the Covid-19 lockdown. Having an abundance of time, several students like Blanchard and Tirrell are finding something to do that gives purpose and inspires them.

Derek Tirrell, Digital Team

After being out of school for over two months, Abington High School junior Derek Tirrell reflected on how life has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this video, he discussed the typical day of a high school student before the shutdown. And, how once school was cancelled, deadlines, tests, essays, sports, clubs, work, and all of the responsibilities of being a high school student stopped, which allowed time to think.

Tirrell proposed that although the devastation by the coronavirus is not to be ignored or the loss of human life diminished, the shutdown has caused an opportunity to think differently.

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There is a benefit to looking on the bright side and taking advantage of the time we have.”

— Derek Tirrell