High School Students on ABC Read to Beaver Brook Students

Abington’s Anti-Bullying Club spends time reading to children

(Left to right), Abington High School freshman students on the ABC (Anti-Bullying Club) Amaya Turner and Ellie Lindo read to elementary school students at Beaver Brook on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Amaya Turner, Staff Writer

On Fri, March 6, the Anti-Bullying Club took a field trip down to Abington’s Beaver Brook Elementary School for a reading initiative. The high school students visited classrooms in pairs and read books aloud, spreading messages of kindness, acceptance, and love.  

When asked about the experience, freshman Ellie Lindo said, “I think it was a great experience and that we really connected to the kids there. It really showed the community of our town of how the kids look up to us and how much we want their approval.” 

A few students from the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) joined the ABC. GSA members read books about how it is okay to be different.  

Mr. Lanner, the advisor of the ABC, chaperoned and arranged the trip. He said, “It’s important because it gets the conversation rolling early on about accepting others.”

The staff at Beaver Brook hosted the high school students.

[The author is also a member of ABC]