Ideas for February Break

Take care of yourself


Mr. Holzman, with permission

Abington High School students pose in front of one of the many ruins they saw on the Greece andItaly trip in 2017.

Iris Higier, Staff Writer

February vacation is here. Students at AHS are ready for a well-deserved vacation. Even though students can go to different states, and one group of Global Education students has left the country for Europe this week, there are great places to go to in Boston and surrounding areas that don’t break the bank.

Cheap places to learn in Boston include:

  • Walk the Freedom Trail
  • Visit the Bunker Hill Monument
  • Do some reading at the Boston Public Library
  • Check out some museums (Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Science, The Old State House, The Boston Tea Party Ships, Boston Design Center, The Mapparium, John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library, Boston Children’s Museum, The Institute of Contemporary Art)
  • Visit Harvard Square

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Also, there are many ways that students can relax over vacation, if school is very stressful. According to Abington’s health teacher Ms. Daisy, these are some ways to “de-stress” over vacation:

  1. Get enough sleep (don’t stay up until 3:00am watching Tik Tok videos)
  2. Eat healthy, there is a lot of research that says certain foods (fruit, vegetables, tea, etc) relieve stress and depression
  3. Take some “me time” to do something you enjoy (read, take a bubble bath, cook a meal, walk the dog…)
  4. Meditate (try for 10 minutes a day each day of vacation)
  5. Exercise…it’s good for you and a great stress reliever.
  6. Aromatherapy with essential oils (lavender is great to calm you and citrus helps reduce stress)
  7. Spend time with family and friends
  8. LIMIT screen time!!!

Whatever you do and wherever you go, don’t forget to relax and have fun this winter break!