Coffee with Cam: Friday, February 14th, 2020

Abington High School’s Friday morning news program

Cameron Curney, Derek Tirrell, John Mueller, Bubba Gendreau, Derek Nuttall, and Matthew Lyons


Derek Tirrell, designer

Coffee with Cam appears each Friday in homerooms at Abington High School. The first show aired in the fall of 2019 with host Cam Curney, Class of 2020.

The sixthteenth episode of “Coffee with Cam” was pre-recorded at the Abington Cable Access Media studio on February 13, 2020. Cam Curney is off today.

Production crew for today’s show:

  • Senior Bubba Gendreau, Co-Host
  • Junior Derek Nuttal, Co-Host
  • Junior Derek Tirrell, Director
  • Senior John Mueller, Audio Engineer

The Coffee with Cam Ditty is “Back to the Land” by Zack Petti and Dan Brielmann of and used with permission.

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