The Weekly Wave Season 2 Episode 11: Cam Curney

Special Guest: Cam Curney

Matthew Lyons, Aaron Johnson, and Derek Tirrell

Abington senior Cam Curney is a guest on the

Matt Lyons

Abington senior Cam Curney is a guest on the “Weekly Wave” with Matt Lyons and Aaron Johnson on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

Matthew Lyons

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Abington High School senior Cam Curney sat down with Weekly Wave hosts Matt and Aaron. Curney talked about his triple-double in the latest Abington Boy’s Basketball game, as well as the multitude of other things he’s involved in within the town.


  • Matthew Lyons, Class of 2021
  • Aaron Johnson, Class of 2021


  • Derek Tirrell, Class of 2021


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