The Weekly Wave Season 2 Episode 7: An Interview with Jim Dorman

What does it take to be a freelance writer?

Matthew Lyons, Aaron Johnson, and Derek Tirrell


Samuel Tornato

Mr. Jim Dorman plays a cover song at Open Mic held in the Abington Middle-High School Auditorium on May 8, 2019. Besides working in education at Abington High, Mr. Dorman is a freelance writer covering the entertainment industry on the South Shore.

On Tuesday, Jan 14th, Jim Dorman, an Abington High School employee and freelance writer, was interviewed about his experience with the Patriot Ledger and journalism. Mr. Dorman was the advisor of the Green Wave Gazette from 2011-2017.


  • Matthew Lyons, Class of 2021
  • Aaron Johnson, Class of 2021


  • Derek Tirrell, Class of 2021


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Thanks to Justin Shannahan & Abington CAM Executive Director Kevin Tocci