Standing at Shortstop 

Spotlight on Victoria Seppala, a student-athlete


Bill Marquardt, with permission

Abington High School shortstop Victoria Seppala, a junior, adjusts for the sunlight’s glare during a game in 2019.

Tereasa Ryan , Contributor

Victoria Seppala is a 16-year-old junior at Abington High School. She has been playing softball since she was 7 years old on a T-ball team.

She also plays basketball at Abington High School. But she said she enjoys playing softball more. “I grew up with it. I am really passionate about softball, and there is so much more to it than basketball,” she said.

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Being able to travel with my teammates and coaches was fun and a memorable experience and another reason why I love this sport.

— Victoria Sepalla

As a member of Abington High School’s softball team since freshmen year, she at first played the position of shortstop. Towards the middle of her freshmen season she was a swing for varsity. By sophomore year she was placed as a starter shortstop on the team.

Now as a junior Seppala said, “I don’t really know what to expect.” Of Coach Cheney who finished out the season with her players and will not be returning, Seppala said, “We don’t know who the coach is going to be as of now.” 

Seppala said, I heard that there are a couple of key players coming up to play, but other than that I think everything should go smooth, and hopefully we can go all the way.”

In addition to playing for Abington High School, Seppala also plays for the Rhode Island team Thunder Gold. Seppala said of her team’s 22-1-2 record, “Our fall season went fantastic.”

Seppala has been playing softball with the girls on her club team since age ten. She said, “Being able to travel with my teammates and coaches was fun and a memorable experience and another reason why I love this sport.”

Seppala has traveled to different places around the country, like Florida, Colorado, California, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and many more.

As for her future, Seppala hopes to get scouted for college teams. She is going to continue playing softball for as long as possible and wants to pursue kinesiology in the future.