The Two Cs in SuCCess Stand for College and Career

Abington Students Attend a College Fair at Hanover High School


Jack Clifford, Staff Writer

On Thursday September 27, 2019 many colleges were at the College Fair at Hanover High School. Many juniors and seniors from Abington High School attended.

Jack Clifford, Staff Writer

On Thursday morning, September 26, many juniors and seniors at Abington High School attended a College Fair. It took place at Hanover High School. The students got to choose whether to attend the College Fair or stay at the High School and attend Career Day.

Those who attended the College Fair were students who wanted to paint a better picture in their minds about what colleges they are thinking about applying to. The event gave students who plan on going to college to excel in higher education some more information about colleges that they were not exposed to in the past. It was a day to get a closer look at their future.

There were a variety of colleges so I know I had a lot of options.

— Anna Blyth

Students who attended the College Fair received pamphlets about various important information on each college and were able to make face to face connections with the representatives from each college.

Anna Blyth, a member of Abington’s senior class, said she enjoyed the event. She was able to stop by the table of some of the colleges she was interested in. Blyth said, “There were a variety of colleges so I know I had a lot of options.” She added that it was beneficial to go because “my parents and I agree that it is my senior year and I need start figuring out where I want to go after high school.”

Blyth said her favorite colleges at the fair were Bridgewater State University, Curry College, Framingham State University, Quincy College, and Eastern Nazarene College. She said her intended major is either Early Childhood Education or Journalism.

Like Blyth, James Mulkern, a junior at AHS, attended the College Fair. Mulkern said he chose the College Fair because he “wasn’t really intrigued by Career Day” and that he “enjoyed it a lot.” He “saw a few colleges I like and am interested in” and that he “saw a couple I’ve never heard of such as the University of Rhode Island.”

Mulkern said that after there Fair there were a variety of colleges he was interested in. These included the University of Rhode Island, University of Connecticut, and University of Manhattan. He said he would like to major in either Journalism or Computer Science.

Mrs. Ferioli in the guidance department at Abington High School coordinated this event. Hanover High School hosted an amazing college fair for students to get an idea of their next steps towards their academic career.