What Is Brexit?

Parallels of Confusion and Uncertainty Between the US and Britain


Photographed by Ashley Basil, found on Wikimedia Commons, permission via Creative Commons licence

The Brexit Brick Is a Good Metaphor for the Current State of Brexit as of March 29, 2019. This photo was taken on 18 January 2019.

Cameron Curney and Michael Iyamabo

Cam Curney

A concept unfamiliar to most is the term deemed Brexit, often referring to the United Kingdom’s referendum in June 23, 2016 to withdraw from the European Union. Hence, the term merges from the words “British” along with “exit;” therefore, adopting the abbreviation “Brexit”.

With Britain being one of principal export market in addition to being the biggest source of foreign investment therefore showing the detrimental effect; this would have on the European Union.

As the deadline nears, the British government along with the prime minster known as Theresa May have not been able to overcome the intolerable parliamentary restrictions with European leaders. With the harsh reality of act, having the ability to jeopardize the affiliate earnings as well as stock prices of numerous companies strategically aligned with the United Kingdom as the result of the votes.

Originally, the deadline for March 29 approach was dearly near. However, terms for an extension was agreed upon until April 12 when the European Union fate will be decided.

Quote based on his view on the situation

“While it may have been something that majority of Voters supported initially it looks like the nation is suffering from a significant case of buyer’s remorse at this point. ” Mr.Scott