A Break from Routines

Students Attend Tuesday’s Patriots Parade


Ms. Pflaumer, newspaper advisor

The hallways were quiet on Tuesday, Feb. 5, as 40% of the AHS student population was in Boston at the Patriots Parade.

Jacklyne Goduti, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, approximately 1.5 million people attended the Patriots Parade in Boston to celebrate their Super Bowl LIII win. Of that figure, 40 percent of Abington High School students were a part of the crowd. That is 230 Abington High students who went to the celebration.

Those students who actually came to school on Tuesday noted that the halls were no longer a sea of teenage aggression. People actually had space to move and were not constantly coming to a halt. On a normal school day, it seems students bump into at least three people while maneuvering around kids in the three minutes between every period.

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The classrooms were very empty and quiet.

— Kaitlyn Marini

Classes on Tuesday were nice, as most teachers had students do normal work because that was what was expected.  Some students may have even had a class in which the teacher gave a free period.  It was a nice break between our consistently normal education each day.

Senior Kaitlyn Marini said, “The classrooms were very empty and quiet. Despite that, I was able to get a lot of work done and enjoy time with my friends who came to school.”

Although school is important, sometimes when a mass of students misses school, it ends up being beneficial for the kids who go to school. Both parties get a break from routine, which is well-deserved and healthy once in a while.