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James Mulkern
James Mulkern is a member of the Class of 2021, and this is his third year on the Green Wave Gazette. He joined the newspaper team in his sophomore year after realizing his passion for writing and journalism. Before joining, Mulkern was a member of the running club in middle school. In his freshman year, Mulkern published his first article, a music review of a single by the band Saving Forever called "Million Ways." He has published a variety of articles, and one of his articles titled "How Abington High Subdues Stress" was awarded with the Best of SNO. In addition to writing news, Mulkern enjoys keeping a personal journal as a way to document his life and learn more about his goals and habits. Other hobbies include going outside, meditating, and playing video games. After graduation, he hopes to attend college and pursue a career in journalism or culinary work.

James Mulkern, Staff Writer

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James Mulkern