Monday’s Not Coming

A preview of Tiffany D. Jackson’s engrossing thriller

James Mulkern

HarperCollins, promotional fair use

“Monday’s Not Coming” is a thriller written by Tiffany D. Jackson and published in May of 2018.

James Mulkern, Staff Writer

When published in May of 2018, Tiffany D. Jackson’s thriller “Monday’s Not Coming” met with critical acclaim. The book has received the Coretta Scott King Award/John Steptoe Award for new talent.

Loosely inspired by two cases, one in Wash. DC and the other in Detroit, Jackson creates a fictional story with vivid character development.

The 464 page book shows the protagonist Claudia Coleman’s jarring loneliness after her best friend Monday Charles disappears on the first day of 8th grade.

The book weaves in issues of race, class, and gender as it pulls the reader along to find out what happened to Monday.

Here is a preview to get a “taste” of the book in case you wish to read it. This preview was created by only reading the first chapter of the book, the jacket, and the inside cover.

If you want to know more and read the actual story, check out “Mondays Not Coming” through our Library by CLICKING HERE

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