From Freshman Year to Now

Four Seniors Reflect

Drew Landers 18 in Italy last year on a Global Education Tour

Mrs. Louko, with permission

Drew Landers ’18 in Italy last year on a Global Education Tour

Drew Landers, Contributor

In April of 2015, Marissa Golden, Jack Maguire, Dylan Gately, and Reece Klein had almost completed their first year of high school when they sat down for a Green Wave Gazette interview. The article, “Freshman Year: tough but worth it,” shared their thoughts about transitioning from middle school to high school.

Now well into their senior year, having achieved a variety of accomplishments as student-athletes, such as representing Abington at the MIAA Girls and Women in Sports Day, being chosen as SSL All Stars (lacrosse, football, and soccer), performing in plays and at open mic, serving in roles of class government, and/or being members of the National Honor Society, they share their thoughts as they prepare to wrap up high school.

What has changed the most from freshman year to now as seniors?

Marissa Golden: From freshman year to now I have stopped caring so much about what people think of me and have focused more on making memories and having fun with my friends.

Marissa Golden ’18. Inspired Images Photography.

Jack Maguire: Freshman year to now I have focused on making great memories with my friends and building strong relationships with the people around me.

Dylan Gately: Since freshman year, I have learned that trying to blend in is a lot more boring than standing out. It was a lot more difficult to be an individual as a 14-year-old walking into a new school, but these past four years have really helped me branch out and try new things.

Reece Klein: From freshman year to now I started to care less about self-image and started to be more comfortable with myself. Switching from jeans to sweatpants was the best decision I’ve ever made.

What accomplishment are you most proud of over your four years here?

Golden:  I am most proud of working hard to push myself in both my academics and athletics.

Maguire: I am most proud of balancing my time inside and outside school, between studies, work, and sports, while still having a strong friend group.

Jack Maguire ’18. Inspired Images Photography.

Gately: My proudest accomplishment thus far in high school is remaining Vice President of my class throughout four tough class elections.

Klein: My biggest accomplishment was becoming a member of National Honor Society.

As seniors, how has the transition to the new high school felt?

Golden: Transitioning into a new high school was an exciting and a refreshing way to go into my senior year. Senior year has made me cherish the events and time with my friends and go into everything with a positive attitude.

Maguire: The transition into high school has been exciting. Having been in both schools, it is easy to see how much improvement has been made to our learning environment, like the new technology we are using that we did not have access to in the old school.

Dylan Gately ’18. Betsy Hynes Photography.

Gately: Starting senior year in a new school was kind of like a baby bird learning to fly.  You have no clue what’s going on until one day BOOM, you’re flapping your wings like it’s nobody’s beeswax.

Klein:  Transitioning into the new high school was definitely exciting and a nice change. I am glad I got to experience it for my senior year and I’m excited to be in the first graduating class of the new school.

Do you have any advice for current and future freshman based on your high school experience?

Golden: I encourage freshmen to try new things and go out of their comfort zone. You will be surprised by the people you’ll meet and the activities you never thought you would love.

Maguire: I encourage freshman to develop strong relationships with their teachers as they have the most advice for life during and after high school that can benefit you. Also, don’t have any regrets in these four short years and try things outside of your comfort zone.

Gately: My advice for newbies at the high school would be to stop caring about your appearance so much and start focusing on things you love most. Life’s too short.

Klein: I would advise freshman not to take every moment for granted. Time flies faster than you think and soon enough all your firsts turn into lasts. Make memories so you can take them with you at graduation.

What are your plans after high school?

Reece Klein ’18. Rachel Kate Photography.

Golden: I plan to go to college and become a speech pathologist in either a school or hospital. I feel that high school has prepared me for college and I am ready to see what the future has in store for me!

Maguire: I plan on attending college while playing football and earning a degree in business management, as well as going on to law school after graduating college.

Gately: My plan after high school is to get my degree in Special Education, then eventually move up to New York to start my career.

Klein: I plan on attending college and majoring in business economics. I am definitely excited for the future and hopefully prepared enough for it.