Phone for the Holidays

Which of the latest smartphone models should be on your holiday wish list?


Public Domain via Wikicommons Tinh Te Photos

IPhone 8 silver with white rear

Jordan Little, Contributor

Perhaps a phone is at the top of your holiday list. Apple students will want Apple, and Android students will want Android. But, if you are undecided, here’s some information on the latest model from each company to help you decide what to put on your holiday wish list this year.  

iPhone 8- starting at $699, available at: Apple, Best Buy, Target, any phone company 

The iPhone 8 features a new glass design. Not only does it have a glass front, but the iPhone 8 features an all glass back as well. Apple claims that this is “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back,” making this the perfect gift for anyone who is clumsy. This phone is dust and water resistant, protecting your phone from minor spills and any dust that could get in. The iPhone 8 also features a Retina HD display. This new technology allows for the best viewing experience. This phone also has a more advanced 12MP camera. It has a larger and faster sensor, deeper pixels, and a new color filter. Though this iPhone isn’t much different from the previous model, the iPhone 8 contains the fastest processor on the market and many more user friendly features, making it the perfect phone for many students. 

Samsung Galaxy S8- starting at $720, available at: Best Buy, Target, any phone company 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 5.8” Quad HD Super AMOLED infinity display that is larger than the iPhone screen and has a long-lasting battery that is perfect for anyone who loves to use their phone a lot. This phone also has a great storage capacity with a microSD card that can hold up to 256GB. Samsung has also added Bixby, a virtual assistant, as well as facial recognition, wireless charging and water resistance, all of which resemble the features of the iPhone 8. Unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy S8 still has a traditional headphone jack. It has an 8MP front camera and, like the iPhone, a 12MP back camera. In comparison to the previous model, which sparked concerns about the phone catching on fire, this Galaxy is an impressive upgrade.

Overall, both phones are comparable when it comes to features like the battery life, price and camera. The differences, such as the headphone jack and display, are minimal, but these will all come down to your personal preference. Apple or Android? Siri or Bixby? You decide.