Waves Roll Over the Whalers


Jack Maguire Personal Photo

Marissa Siegel, Caitlin Dever, Reece Klein, Justin Keleher, and Jack Maguire on the boat ride back from the Vineyard

Reese Klein, Contributor

The ferry ride home Friday night was ecstatic and uplifting as the Abington football team took home an important victory by beating Nantucket. With the final score at 28-13, the team advanced further in state tournament than the previous two years of Abington Football.  

Nantucket is a beautiful island with many shops and tourist attractions. They hosted a lively and entertaining football game on their home field. In the beginning of the game, Nantucket players came on the field confidently and placed flags down and played upbeat music to pump up both the crowd and the players. It was a foggy night and the temperatures were low, but the Abington football team powered through the elements.

The game itself was exciting and a lot of emotion was running through the players’ heads. With some mistakes in the beginning, Abington had to gain a strong mentality to work through them. The turning point of the game was when Kyle Rogers, senior captain, jumped in the air to intercept a pass and return it thirty yards with seconds left in the first half.

Our team came together as one and never looked back, eventually leading to our win at 28-13.

— Jack Maguire

Jack Maguire, senior captain and quarterback, spoke confidently of the play and said “although we did not score from that turnover, his play gave our team momentum leading into the second half. Our team came together as one and never looked back, eventually leading to our win at 28-13.”

This play was a momentum changer for the team as a whole. Touchdowns were made by Mark Kilmain, Ethan Curtain, and Justin Keleher.  Their motivated attitudes were vital to securing the win.  

The dedicated fans that made the long trip to see the nail biting game were not the slightest bit disappointed. The fan section brought blankets and had a positive attitude to make it through cold ferry rides and the game to support the team.  The momentum of the team radiated to the Abington fan section and there was positive energy from the entire town. Having 70+ fans traveling all the way to Nantucket and to support and cheer on the team showed how the town of Abington comes together as a community. Fans from Abington cheered loudly over Nantucket despite being outnumbered. Rogers said “all the Abington fans that made the trip to cheer us on changed the atmosphere of the game.”  

With this victorious win against Nantucket, Abington continues their journey in the South Sectional Final. It sets up a rematch with their league rival, Mashpee this Friday night, November 10. If the Abington football team wins against Mashpee, they will be one step closer to winning the Super Bowl. Best luck to Abington Green Wave!