Poll: New School – Yay or Nay?

The majority of AHS students are happy with the new school

Olivia Sweeney, Staff Writer

The town of Abington has just recently opened their new $96.5 million middle-high school for the 2017-2018 school year. This school caters to the needs of all students grades 5-12, along with pre-k. It took 21 months to build, and it was about a full year ahead of schedule. A survey of 70 students was taken not long ago on their opinions of the new middle-high school.

“Do you like the new school?”



Some Student Thoughts

“It’s nice…but still needs some work.” Grace Marcotte

“I feel like it’s a nice building, but keeping it pristine is very difficult throughout the day.” Sarah Campbell

“I like the old school better.” -Anonymous

“Very nice and clean. Also very organized.” -Anonymous

“The hallways are too small, the stairs are placed in awkward points, and getting out of rooms takes a lot more work.” -Anonymous

“I love the design and feel of everything.” -Anonymous

“It’s cool.” -Anonymous

The students speak for themselves in this 70-person poll. What do you think? Leave it in the comments below!