The Sign Tells it All (Jim Dorman)
The Sign Tells it All

Jim Dorman

Wrapping Up 2016/2017

The Green Wave Gazette Year in Review

June 15, 2017

As another school year comes to an end, it is time to review our numbers and accomplishments for the year, as well as our historical numbers. It was another record year for the newspaper. Measuring by page views (the number of times a page on our website is accessed) our numbers were up over 11% rising from 30,023 through June 14 last year, to 33,408 this year. And, since September of 2013, when our webpage first made it’s appearance, we have had just over 110,000 page views from nearly 30,000 loyal users/readers. For most of the year, our numbers were a little less than last year, but a very strong finish fueled by some fantastic articles, and a lot of hard work propelled us significantly ahead of our previous heights.

(Jim Dorman)
Staff Members Nivetha Aravindan, Olivia Sweeney, Morgan MacNeil Berry, Allison Dennehy and Allison MacLeod leave their permanent mark on AHS.

One key factor this year was the success of freshman Kristen White’s article “Make Every Day a Sammi Kinda Day” profiling the charity set up in the name of our dearly departed alumna Samantha Theodore.  White’s well written article quickly found an audience throughout the Abington community and achieved the highest page views for this year as well as since 2013. White promoted her article by searching out social media outlets through friends and family that she thought would be interested in reading the article and supporting the charity. It’s closest competitor at 2,082 page views is  “Abington Pulls Together,” written by Alex Tempesta in 2014 with similar themes of community, charity and remembrance.

White’s article was written as part of English teacher Ms. Pflaumer’s Student’s Write to be Heard program which accounted for many articles written for the Green Wave Gazette. Many freshmen in Ms. Pflaumer’s class wrote wonderful articles for us, as they have every year. To mention a few, Livie Litzenberger’s “Am I Perfect?” was recognized and republished by School Newspapers On-line at their Best of SNO  webpage where it received 721 page views in addition to 265 page views on our webpage. Other notables were Corin Mahan’s profile of new Abington JV baseball coach Tyler Perakslis  with over 1,000 page views and Erielle Amboy’s profile of Mr. Di Rado, head of the art department, but there are many others, that are well worth reading again or for the very first time.

Articles written by staff members covered a diverse area of topics in memorable fashion and received quite a bit of well deserved attention. Senior associate editor Brianna Medeiros’ profile of the English Language Learner Program at AHS (cover story) was also chosen for Best of SNO, and she was profiled by fellow associate editor Allison Dennehy.

In addition to his many political articles, copy editor Giovan Soares’ article “Mrs. Barry’s Memories of Mississippi” told the real life story of Ann Barry, a woman we contacted who lived through the times depicted in “The Help.” Soares’ article was edited and reprinted by the Meridian Star, Meridian Mississippi’s local newspaper with credit to Soares and the Green Wave Gazette.

In addition to her profile of Medeiros, Allison Dennehy was quite busy while interviewing Harvard bound senior Cassie Marando, profiling school resource officers Shannon Reeves and Michelle Bettencourt (cover story),  and reviewing the Global Education trip to Iceland.

In addition to working on the layout for our very large full color print editions, and assisting with the editing of submissions, sophomore Allison MacLeod wrote a few articles herself, most notably a first hand account of what it is like to audition for a part in an AHS musical and win a leading role (“Making High School Musical.”)

Former staff writer, now copy editor Morgan MacNeil-Berry published five fantastic articles this year including reviews of Abington Drama’s “Anonymous” and “Box”, and the soundtrack to “LA LA Land.” She also wrote a preview of singer Shawn Mendes’ upcoming tour, and she reviewed the National Touring Company’s performance of “Annie” at the Wang Theater with access to the performers at a special press conference held for student journalists prior to the performance. She capped off her prolific year with a profile of the Chris Wells Memorial Scholarship Fund. What a year!

In addition to her consistent and much appreciated editing contributions, copy editor Nivetha Aravindan wrote the topical “What’s in Store for Cuba and the U.S.” as well as documenting her travels with Abington Global Education’s trip to Italy.

Veteran staff writer Caitlin Walton kicked in with a few timely entertainment reviews. Senior photographer Sarah Tornato contributed several vivid photo essays in the fall, and freshman staff members Olivia Sweeney and Kirstyn Deschamps got their feet wet writing a few reviews and opinion pieces. We hope they will pick up next year where they left off.

After six years, this adviser is reluctantly taking a break to pursue other after school activities and enterprises. I take pride in what we have accomplished together and solace in leaving the operation in the capable hands of Ms. Pflaumer and a truly great staff. Thank you so much to all the staff and contributors over all the years. Thank you to our many supporters, especially Ms. Pflaumer and her Student’s Write to be Heard program, Mrs. Crowley for allowing us to make the school library our office, the Abington Education Foundation, Abington Bank, Bemis Drug, the Abington Public Library, Spectrum Press, Independence Insurance and Morgan and Morgan P.C., Life in Abington, Abington Green Wave Boosters, Mr. Schafer, Ms. Moschella, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Sullivan, Ms. Sullivan, Dr. Gonsalves, Ms. Salvetti, Mr. Serino, Ms. McCarthy, Ms. Casey, faculty and staff.  So, as Edward R. Murrow used to say, “Goodnight and good luck!”


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Top Articles for 2016/2017

Article Title Description Author Page Views
“Make Every Day A Sammi Kinda Day” Profile of the HASKD Charity Kristen White 2342
“For Tyler Perakslis Baseball is a Family Tradition” Profile of JV baseball coach and AHS alum Tyler Perakslis Corin Mahan 1047
“School Resource Officers are Here to Help” Profile of Abington Public School Resource Officers Michelle Bettencourt and Shannon Reeves Allison Dennehy 773
“Senior Spotlight: Jenny Worden” Profile of senior and student athlete Jenny Worden Lorhena Antonio 663
“Remembering a Friend and Supporting a Community” Profile of the Chris Wells Memorial Scholarship Fund Morgan MacNeil-Berry 650
Spirt Week and Pep Rally 2016 Slides show and description GWG 514
“The Art Teacher” Profile of Art Department Head Mr. Dirado Erielle Amboy 481
“Memories of Mississippi” Feature in interview with Mrs. Ann Barry Giovan Soares 432
“They Did it!” Slideshow of Class of 2017 YE activities GWG 361
“Senior Spotlight: Cassie Marando” Profile of Cassie Marando Allison Dennehy 329
“She’s a Freshman” Profile of freshman student athlete Lauren Keleher Mikayla Littman 285
“Making ‘High School Musical’” First person account of auditions and rehearsals Allison MacLeod 273
“High Praise for Astro Turf Fields” Feature on the new athletic fields at AHS Colby Augusta 272
“The Jeff Coombs Memorial Foundation” Profile of the Coombs foundation Liberty Woods 272
“Am I Perfect” Personal battle with anorexia Livie Litzenberger 265

Top Articles 2013 to 2017

Article Title Description Author Page Views
“Make Every Day a Sammi Kinda Day” Profile of the HASKS Charity Kristen White 2342
“Abington Pulls Together” Commentary on the Abington Community Alex Tempesta 2082
“Living Her Dream” Profile of AHS alum Alyssa Johnson Madison Contrino 1098
“For Tyler Perakslis Baseball is a Family Tradition” Profile of AHS alum and junior varsity baseball coach Tyler Perakslis Corin Mahan 1047
“Freshman Phenom” Profile of student athlete Jenny Worden when she was a freshman Marina Brennan 955
“Nursing School According to Mikayla Rooney” Profile of AHS alum Mikayla Rooney Jason Kinniburgh 917
“The ‘Go To’ Place for Coffee and Work Job/Company Profile Kristina Sullivan 841
“School Resource Officers are Here to Help” Profile of Abington School District Resource Officers Michelle Bettencourt and Shannon Reeves Allison Dennehy 773
“Senior Profile: Jenny Worden” Profile of Jenny Worden Lorhena Antonio 663
“Remembering a Friend and Supporting a Community” Profile of the Chris Wells Memorial Scholarship Fund Morgan MacNeil-Berry 650
“Boston Marine Corps Run Honors Sgt. Vasselian” Road Race/Charity Announcement Abbi Ricketson 612
“The Spirit of 2016” Profile of David Lyons Josiah Rosa 596
“Teacher Profile: Ms. Gerhart” Teacher Profile Brianna Medeiros 527
“Spirit Week and Pep Rally 2016” Slideshow GWG 514
“Senior Profile: Brian Diver” Profile of a senior Tyler Moulton 489
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