Strawberry Crème Parfait


Brianna Medeiros

Strawberry Creme Parfait

Brianna Medeiros, Associate Editor

The perfect desert for your sweet tooth. This recipe is great for an evening with the family. It combines a creamy milk custard, spongy ladyfingers, and tart strawberries.  Make it tonight and watch it disappear!

What You Will Need

Prep time: 40 minutes

Serving size: 10 people

Ready time: at least eight hours in the fridge


* Half stick of butter

* One can condensed milk

* two cups of evaporated milk

* One can of refrigerated table crème (Nestle Crème de Leite)

* Half container of Cool Whip

* one package of ladyfingers

* Strawberries


  1. Beat half a stick of butter with one can of condensed milk until the butter is uniform
  2. Add two cups of evaporated milk and beat for almost five minutes
  3. Add the table creme without the liquid and mix just enough to be uniform, don’t over mix.
  4. Add half a container of Cool Whip and mix with a spoon
  5. Layer the crème with the sliced strawberry and ladyfingers until crème is gone
  6. Refrigerate.