Pentatonix Delivers Exciting Performance

With help from openers Abi and Us the Duo

Jessica Barry

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Pentatonix performed at TD Garden in Boston on November 9. Country and pop singer Abi, and pop and folk band Us the Duo opened the four hour concert.

Abi, also known as Abi Ann on her Facebook page, performed first, playing seven pop-sounding songs with a country spin, including “Future Ex-Boyfriend.” The songs sounded good, and the singer’s voice was great, but the crowd did not have a large reaction because she is not that popular yet, and we were still excitedly waiting to hear Pentatonix. Abi exclaimed how much she enjoyed playing in Boston, which made the crowd a little more excited, but overall they were fairly quiet.

(Pentatonix) said how they love performing in Boston.

— Jessica Barry

The next band was Us the Duo; they played eight pop-like songs with haunting undertones, which made them sound unique. The duo is a married couple, and they had amazing voices. Both were very talented at playing various instruments. Later on, Us the Duo was invited back to the stage to perform with Pentatonix, singing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Their performance was fantastic, earning a great response from the audience.

Finally, after about two hours from the openers, Pentatonix performed 18 songs (including “Na Na Na,” “Misbeavin” and “Daft Punk”) plus two encores (“Light in the Hallway” and “Sing”). They performed many of their original songs from their multiple albums, but also sang covers of popular songs including “Cheerleader” by OMI, “No” by Meaghan Trainor and “Gold” by Kiiara, which got the crowd excited and even more involved. The audience was extremely active in singing and dancing along while they performed and gave multiple standing ovations. They even encouraged an encore at the end by cheering until Pentatonix came back out on stage.

PTX Official

The concert was very well done because of the amazing performances from the opening bands leading up to Pentatonix coming out on stage. It was both exciting and interactive, with Pentatonix inviting a few people onstage to sing with them. They also said how they love performing in Boston while sharing a bit of their personal lives in between songs. Pentatonix sounded very similar to their recordings, and they were extremely enjoyable to listen to as a fan of the group. The audience was also enthusiastic with the performance and showed that by singing along and cheering loudly. Attending the concert was an amazing experience because of how the bands sounded, and the overall cheerful atmosphere in the venue. They made the concert superb.

Pentatonix has a new Christmas album out called “A Pentatonix Christmas” featuring the group’s arrangement of the recently departed Leonard Cohen classic “Hallelujah.” And, their Christmas special, featuring Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson will air on NBC on December 14.