High Praise for AstroTurf Fields

Users say AstroTurf Fun, Safe and Convenient


Sarah Tornato

Madison Grafton guards a Cohasset defender from advancing the ball from Green Wave offensive zone.

Colby Augusta, Contributor

Last summer, the athletes of Abington High School took their first steps on on the new turf fields.The fields contain the newest state of the art artificial turf made by AstroTurf of Dalton, Georgia. Abington is one of the few schools or complexes in the local area to install this type of artificial turf. It has two layers of artificial grass giving it an “extra cushion” according to product literature. The base of the turf is made of rubber and sand, which gives it an extra safety component.  This type of turf is supposed to be very durable, so it is expected to last for many years to come. Some reports place the life a turf field at about, or at least, ten years.

In a brief interview with varsity football player, Will Curtin, he expressed his thoughts about the new fields. “I think that the fields were a good investment for the school system because the fields don’t get ruined after playing on them in the rain, and they are very fun to play on,” said Curtin.

The next four years of high school sports will be full of fun due to these new turf fields.

— Kayli Tobin

Youth soccer player Michael Van Luling, exuberates nothing but excitement about the new fields. He enjoys playing many games a week on them.  “I like how the fields stay open for the residents and athletes of Abington to enjoy at their leisure. I can’t wait to play a game under the lights,” said Van Luling.

Varsity soccer player Kayli Tobin also shared her positive view of the AstroTurf fields.  “The new fields are great; they are very convenient, fun to play on, and most importantly they look very nice. Playing on the turf gives me a sense of security with no fear of holes in the grass. The lines on the field are very visible and easy to see, so there is little to no confusion. The next four years of high school sports will be full of fun due to these new turf fields,” said Tobin.

According to Athletic Director Peter Serino, “There has been nothing but positive feedback regarding these new turf fields. It is the newest and safest turf on the market.”  He went on to stress that the fields are still part of a construction site, and are improving daily. The features are still evolving and improving. For instance, there is only one entrance to enter the turf fields. As the new school continues to be built, there will be more entrances into the fields. From a scheduling standpoint, there is never a need to reschedule games unless there is very inclement weather. This AstroTurf is capable of draining up to 10 inches of rain per hour. “We, as a town, are very lucky to have the newest turf and a two-fielded facility due to its uniqueness,” said Mr. Serino.

The new turf fields at Abington High School are a significant milestone in the town’s history and will be used often by the student athletes and the residents of Abington.