On Board With “Deepwater Horizon”

The fear and excitement feel real

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Kylie Roberts, Contributor

“Deepwater Horizon” is an action movie based on the true story of a massive offshore oil drilling rig located in the Gulf of Mexico. Popular actors including Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O’Brien, portray this riveting story in a manner that allows the audience to fully experience this horrific event.

On April 20, 2010, the world’s largest oil spill took place when the Deepwater Horizon experienced many terrifying failures, causing the rig to blow up in flames and sink to the bottom. Eleven workers lost their lives, while others were severely injured. Families were left questioning if their loved ones survived.

The actors and director did an outstanding job in “Deepwater Horizon.” Director Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights” and “Lone Survivor”) was able to portray the events realistically, allowing the audience to feel like they were there.  He built a replica of the real oil drill. It was built in the water for the actors to shoot on, which required a lot of courage. The actors were able to do their job in the water when all hell broke loose. Therefore, the actors had a better understanding of the tragedy and could easily portray the real event. Berg also did a terrific job of placing the audience in the middle of the chaos. Viewers were on the edge of their seats as if they were in the middle of burning fires and falling beams. Berg created loud sounds and flashing lights so you could experience the tragedy more fully.

The actors had a better understanding of the tragedy and could easily portray the real event. ”

— Kylie Roberts

The main character, Mike Williams, was played by Wahlberg (“Ted”), who created a praiseworthy performance. Wahlberg was able to portray the character as if he was the real Mike Williams. Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf” and “The Maze Runner”) also played a major role. O’Brien played the character Caleb Holloway, a floor hand on the rig’s drill crew. Both actors portrayed real life heroes and fit their parts perfectly.

Everyone had a job in making this storyline the real deal. My friends and I left the movie theatre shocked. Some viewers left crying. We couldn’t believe how all actors and directors had the courage to film on a replica in the middle of the ocean, knowing it’s danger. Watching the movie felt like we were on the Deepwater Horizon as it went up in flames. Between all the special effects and the chaos, we were glued to our seats. Peter Berg got the explosions just right and the impact it had on the characters. The actors added the emotions and pain that the primary people experienced. This made the movie very entertaining.

“Deepwater Horizon” is a thrilling adventure worth buying a ticket to watch. It includes a solid mix of action and emotion from the actors, and the storyline will not bore you.  You can’t look away; instead you experience the activity. “Deepwater Horizon” is definitely worth seeing.