“Something Rotten!” is Deliciously Satisfying

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Michael James Scott and the cast of “Something Rotten!”

Daisy Ribeiro, Contributor

The musical comedy “Something Rotten!” is one of the funniest shows on Broadway right now. The 2015 multi Tony nominated show is  very good at entertaining an audience. The music, by Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick keeps the audience engaged. Directed by Casey Nicholaw, and with a book by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell, this musical has a story that guarantees a show filled with laughter. It was one of the highlights of our recent Abington High School Music and Band Trip to New York City (April 29 – May 1).

In this combination of 16th century renaissance and 21st century Broadway, the two Bottom brothers, Nick (Brian d’Arcy James) and Nigel (John Cariani) are two playwrights stuck firmly in the shadow of “The Bard,” also known as William Shakespeare, at this time just an admired playwright of the period. The brothers receive word from a soothsayer that the future of the theater involves a combination of singing, dancing and acting. Desperate to write a hit play, they set about writing world’s first ever musical, and Nick will do anything to get the upper hand on the Bard.

Each dance number radiated with energy, and the music kept the audience excited and electrified.

— Daisy Ribeiro

The Bottom brothers secretly envy The Bard. Nick worries about how he is going to make a living as a playwright, since he has to provide for his wife Beatrice (Heidi Blickenstaff) and his brother Nigel. Nick is jealous of Shakespeare’s money and fame, while Nigel envies his expertise at writing poetry.

The show was an incredibly fun and joyous experience. The plot left the audience wanting more after each scene, while the cast made the story come alive. Some snippets and references to Shakespeare were given throughout with a sense of humor for all ages. Christian Borle (Tony winner for Best Featured Actor) is amazing as the Bard, the rock star of the 16th century.  “Something Rotten!” is a mix of comedy combined with a fight to be on top (which is ironic for the Bottom brothers).

The set design (Scott Pask) was eye catching. Its lighting (Natasha Katz) gave the show a special pop. All of the details brought the show to life. The stage was used to its full potential. Everything was set up perfectly and changes flowed well throughout the show.

The costumes (designed by Gregg Barnes) went well with the setting and choreography (Casey Nicholaw). They helped set the scene of the Renaissance in the 16th century. This also gave the story more life.

The dancing and singing were the highlight of the show. Each dance number radiated with energy, and the music kept the audience excited and electrified. At one point, Beatrice tries to persuade Nick that she is strong enough to get a job to help lift the weight of supporting the family in the catchy song “Right Hand Man.” It plays with the controversy of gender politics. Together, the music and dancing made the musical perfect.

“Something Rotten!” is a show worth seeing. It’s entertaining from the moment the curtains open to the last number. Check it out for two hours of fun and laughter at the St. James Theatre in New York City. For more information visit rottenbroadway.com.