“Newsies” – Read All About It!

Disney Musical was a Highlight for the Band Trip


In March, the Abington High band and chorus took a trip to New York City where the itinerary included seeing ‘’Newsies’’ a Disney musical appearing at the beautiful Nederlander Theatre. This original Broadway musical, directed by Jeff Calhoun, stars a group of boys and the challenges they go through in order to gain better rights as workers.

Based on real events, ‘’Newsies’’ takes place during the summer of 1899, in Lower Manhattan.  The newspaper sellers or Newsies are led by a radical boy named Jack Kelly (Corey Cott). He and the others strike against Joseph Pulitzer (Stuart Marland) who raised the amount the boys have to pay for the newspapers. Enraged, they work together to shut down the big newspapers. They also meet up with news reporter rookie, Katherine (Liana Hunt). She writes an article that strengthens the strike and she also helps Jack find a true love (with her). Everyone working together with a lot of writing, fighting and a bit of love they find a way to ‘’Seize the Day.’’

The show was very enjoyable to watch. The story-line, acting and dancing really kept you hooked. The costumes were very well made and matched up well with the choreography. The dancers did a phenomenal job. Everything was en pointe. The singing was mesmerizing and made you want to sing along and keep watching.

The set design was very unique. It used scaffolding to represent buildings and other structures, and it moved around the stage. It was fascinating!

The costumes had the look of the late 1800s look and added a bit of pizazz to the show. All parts of the show whether it be the costumes, singing, dancing or the setup were spectacular. They obviously helped the show gain several Tony nominations in 2012, winning for best choreography and original costumes.

“Newsies” continues its run at the Nederlander Theatre in New York City. Tickets may be purchased at www.ticketmaster.com. They also sell tickets at the Nederlander Theatre, but buying them online prevents you from waiting in line and possibly getting a bad seat. “Newsies” is a great show for all ages. It does have some fight scenes, but nothing bloody or profane. It does have a lot of great sense of humor, and singing and dancing that is  great for the whole family. Check out this original Broadway show.