Soaring Past the Competition

Frisbee Guys are Poised for Victory


Coach Scott discusses strategy with the team. (Debra Herron Quinn courtesy of the Green Wave Boosters)

Michael Broomstein, Contributor

Coach Scott and the Ultimate Frisbee team, led by senior captains Mike Porcello, Greg Oreste and Dan Malone, came off an amazing season last year, losing in the USA Ultimate Division II State Championship to Xaverian High School. They almost won, but they came away short by only a couple of points. “They played great start to finish,” said Scott.

Some of our new players need to take on big roles.

— Coach Scott

Although they have lost some key seniors from last year, they are doing very well again this year. There are a lot of new players that need to be worked into the mix. They might be new, but the learning curve has to be short. “We try to get them more and more experience every game. Some of our new players need to take on big roles,” said Scott.

Coach Scott’s teams tend to win in good form. Last year they won the division’s sportsmanship award, graciously beating out the other 31 teams in their division. “It’s a real testament to a team’s character and sportsmanship. It’s very rare to see top teams win the sportsmanship award,” said Scott.

In order to improve and compete, the team constantly works on the fundamentals, the basic catching, cutting and throwing are things Coach  Scott wants them to have down. “We always try to improve as a team and then improve (our record),” said Scott.  So far, the throwing power of Mike Barry, the quickness of newcomer Caleb Good, and the agility of Porcello are some of the strengths that help them win.

As we go to print, the Ultimate Frisbee team has a sparkling record of 11-2. Difficult weather and the new school building process (eliminating their long time home field behind the present high school, and forcing them to play at Memorial Field) have not been obstacles for the team. “The athletic director has been very supportive, and it has not been a big problem,” said Scott.

But, there is one scheduling issue that is going to be a problem. USA Ultimate decided to hold the Massachusetts Division II tournament on June 4, the same day as the Abington High Class of 2016 graduation. As a result, the team will play in the Rhode Island tournament instead of Massachusetts. But, they are not worried at all. “Whatever tournament we play in, we will try to win,” said Scott.

The 2016 Ultimate Frisbee Roster

Seniors: Jared Aprile, Christian Bermudez, Michael Billotte, Patrick Callanan, Brian Diver, Chris Doucette, Daniel Hankins, Joseph Hankins, Derrick Hall, Dan Malone, Gregory Oreste, Sean O’Keefe, Michael Porcello and Shane Sullivan

Juniors: Michael Barry, Paul Castanino-Daly, Caleb Good, Tyler Merrick and Dillon Stephan

Sophomore: Thomas Gillis

Coach: Jason Scott