Unsung Hero: Ian MacLeod

Four years of dedicated service



Ian MacLeod

Tyler Moulton, Staff Writer

Our Spring 2016 Green Wave Gazette Unsung Hero is our own editor-in-chief, senior Ian Macleod. Ian dedicates much of his after school time to ensuring that this newspaper is the best that it can possibly be. He consistently goes beyond expectations to ensure the Green Wave Gazette staff and contributors produce quality work that the whole community can be proud of. Ian is a high-achieving student who is well known for his school involvement, as well as his well developed interest in economics and politics, which he plans to study further at Stonehill College starting this fall. So, let’s get better acquainted with the senior that makes the Green Wave Gazette tick.

How did you first get involved in the school newspaper?

When I was a freshman, I needed a club to join, as I wanted to get involved. I enjoyed writing and I enjoyed information, so I thought the newspaper was the best fit for me. I came here, wrote a couple of articles, started helping with the formatting, and the following year I became associate editor alongside Kim Phan who graduated last year.

I really love this newspaper and seeing it come together with all the different articles from our contributors and staff writers.

— Ian MacLeod (Class of 2016)

Politics and economics seem to be two of your favorite subjects. How did you become so interested in them? 

When I was 13, I started reading books by a bunch of politicians, (who I don’t want to name because I’m ashamed of them now), but I really became interested in budgets, and how policies affect the economy and everyone who is involved in it. I especially wanted to understand how complex modern economies are, and how almost beautiful it is, and how these different factors and different people come together in this extended system to produce all these things that make modern life possible.

Did those things help you develop your passion for the Green Wave Gazette?

My passion for the newspaper really comes more from my passion for writing. I’ve written a couple articles about politics, mostly about global affairs, but it’s really more of my love of writing and English – seeing people and myself string words together into something that’s compelling and interesting to read.

How important would you say it is for people to stay involved with current issues and the news?

Well, if you don’t stay involved with the news, you don’t know what’s going on. People are making decisions in the capital, the White House, the U.N., or even in other countries that affect your life, sometimes in pretty powerful ways, even if they aren’t apparent. At the very least, you need to be an informed citizen to have an affect (in current affairs).

How would you describe your experiences as the editor-in-chief of The Green Wave Gazette?

As the editor-in-chief, it’s been really great seeing people (especially with some of the newer staff members that joined this year) become better writers and become more  involved. They are the people that are going to be taking over after me. Overall, being editor-in-chief, and before that, associate editor has been a really positive experience.

What other extra-curricular or out-of-school activities are proud of?

I’ve also been a part of the high school track team since sophomore year as scorekeeper. I’ve never really liked sports at all, in fact I still don’t, but track is very fascinating. I’m able to see all the effort and dedication that the athletes put into it. Obviously, I’m not running, since sweating is awful, but aside from that, my other big involvement is that I attend youth group at my church in Hingham, at South Shore Baptist. And that has been a really great experience for gaining a lot of close friends and growing in my faith alongside my fellow Christians there.

How would you describe your high school experience?

I’ve enjoyed high school; I’ve matured and grown a lot during the past four years. I was able to meet a lot of students in the grades below and above ours, and have gotten to know a lot of the great teachers here, Mr. Scott especially. So overall, it hasn’t been miserable; I think I’ll remember it fondly.

Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

Don’t worry about it… yes, just don’t worry about it. It’ll all work out. Being stressed out and being worried, whether it’s about your friends or your schoolwork, never helps anything. As long as you stay focused on what you want to achieve, it will work out.

Any last words for the Green Wave Gazette?

I think my experiences with the Green Wave Gazette have been some of the most positive that I’ve had in these past four years. I really love this newspaper and seeing it come together with all the different articles from our contributors and staff writers. I’m going to miss our editing meetings where we come together write, discuss and eat potato chips. I’ll also miss putting together the actual newspapers using Microsoft Publisher, and seeing the final product in all its glossy sheen.