Mr. Bailey Retires Following Years of Abington Service

Garage Owner Supported Many AHS Fundraisers


Tammy Genest (with permission)

Mr. Bailey (r) with marching band member Joe Genest at a Green Wave football game last fall.

Katelyn LaRosa, Staff Writer

Bailey’s Garage, located at the corner of Orange and Washington Street in Abington was established in 1938. It was originally owned by Eddie Bailey who passed it on to his son Jack Bailey. At the end of December, Jack Bailey retired and closed the garage. Many would agree that not only will Mr. Bailey’s auto mechanic work be missed, but so will his efforts to support Abington High School, and to help make Abington a great community.

For many years, Mr. Bailey generously offered his business parking lot and supplies needed for Abington students to hold car washes and sell Christmas trees in order to raise money for athletics, music programs, field trips and class specific activities. Mr. Bailey played a key role in allowing students to raise money while having fun, and offering a service all at once, and he never asked for anything in return, except maybe a thank you note.

I appreciate my time with Mr. Bailey for the values that he instilled in each student.

— Ms. Casey

English language arts teacher Patricia Pflaumer, a frequent class adviser, spoke of Mr. Bailey’s support and flexibility with fundraisers held at Bailey’s Garage. “Mr. Bailey put everyone at ease by letting the kids decide what to do. He never called (a fundraiser) off unless they wanted him to. If they did call it off (because of rain or other issues), he would always schedule another one for them,” said Ms. Pflaumer.  His availability made each and every fundraiser run both smoothly and successfully. Car washes like these were a main source of income for many classes at AHS, helping to fund the junior prom, the senior reception and other class activities.

As for athletics, associate athletic director and girls’ soccer coach, Ms. Casey, had similar comments. “Mr. Bailey enjoys every conversation and interaction he has with each student,” said Casey. She likes that Mr. Bailey took the time to recognize each participant and to listen to everyone’s words. “I appreciate my time with Mr. Bailey for the values that he instilled in each student,” said Casey. He has left a mark of remembrance on both the students and staff of AHS, one that Abington is and will be continuously be grateful for.

Perhaps Ms. Pflaumer summed it best when she said, “Car washes at Bailey’s Garage were one of those Abington traditions that reflect a small town where people know and care about each other. Mr. Bailey did a lot to create that neighborly atmosphere.” Thank you Mr. Bailey.