The Addams Family Musical: Creepy and Crazy Fun

The drama club delivers with entertaining musical


GWG Staff

Nick Sideropoulos (Lucas), Alessandra Vento (Wednesday) and Riley Morrison (Gomez)

Matthew Burbine, Staff Writer

The AHS Drama Club has outdone itself once again with its performance of The Addams Family Musical.” Written by Marshall Brickman, Rick Lice, and Andrew Lippa, the musical is based on the popular Addams Family comic strip created by Charles Addams. Despite the ghoulish cast of characters, the production, directed by Mr. Steve Shannon, was a hit all three nights it was presented in the Frolio School Auditorium.

The story, despite being laced with dark humor and macabre themes, is really about love. Each main character deals with a different problem involving love, whether it be an unhappy marriage, a man torn between his love for his daughter and his love for his wife, a brother attempting to keep his sister from leaving him for the boy she loves, or the creepy uncle who is in love with the moon.

Hayley Burke lets out Alice’s darkest thoughts in the song “Waiting,” which Burke sang wonderfully.

— Matthew Burbine

The story is narrated by Uncle Fester, played by a bald Chris Burgess, who tells us the state of affairs within the Addams family. Wednesday Addams, played by the talented Alessandra Vento, wants to marry Lucas Beineke, played by Nick Sideropoulos. However, she knows her mother will object, so she enlists the help of her father, Gomez Addams, played by Riley Morrison. He sports a wonderful mustachio, and an impressive Spanish accent. Gomez is torn between keeping secrets from his wife Morticia, portrayed perfectly by Leah Alessi, and supporting his daughter.

If this craziness was not enough, the Beineke family has problems of their own. The parents have a loveless marriage as Alice, played by a sunny Hayley Burke, suffers due to her husband no longer being the wild man he used to be. Mal Beineke, played by a downtrodden Tim MacDonnell, is not happy with the current state of affairs either. A feisty grandma (Lindsey Collins) and mysteriously intuitive butler named Lurch (Mike Nickley) add color, warmth and laughter.

This convoluted plot would be a challenge to any production crew. The AHS Drama Club does a great job of keeping all the pieces together with great acting, dancing, and singing performances. The set designers and the stage crew (led by Stage Manager Tyler Mariano) deserve applause as well for setting the mood so effectively.

The standout musical performances come from Leah Alessi, Riley Morrison, Alessandra Vento, and Hayley Burke. Leah Alessi’s solo piece “Just Around the Corner,” while macabre, is a perfect song to show off her singing prowess. Riley Morrison’s best performance is during the song “Happy/Sad” where he is able to show off his Spanish accent and his great singing voice. Alessandra Vento’s most impressive performance comes during the song “Pulled” where she hits the high notes with a little help from Pugsley, played by her real life brother Marc Vento. Last but not least, Hayley Burke lets out Alice’s darkest thoughts in the song “Waiting,” which Burke sang wonderfully.

Led by great performances by both the leads and ensemble (especially the pleasingly precise featured dancers choreographed by Corinne Mason), the show was a huge success.