Dance! Dance! Dance!

The Shaping Sound Dance Company Powers Through Worcester

Caroline Bradbury, Staff Writer

Many outsiders to the dance community see the art of dance as structured, filled with tutus and classical music.  While that vision is great in itself, the Shaping Sound Dance Company has created an entirely new category of entertainment in the art of dance, and they recently brought their talent to The Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Mass.

With a reputable cast comprised of some of the industry’s best choreographers from the show “So You Think You Can Dance,” and dancers from the hit Oxygen reality show, “All the Right Moves,” including the founding co-members Teddy Forance, Kyle Robinson, Nick Lazzarini and Travis Wall, the show captures your full attention. The cast also includes new members like Amy Yakima, winner of SYTYCD Season 10, Kate Harpootlian, Daniel Gaymon and Ben Susak, who were standouts in their new positions with the company. With hard hitting jazz numbers to classic songs such as “Sing, Sing, Sing,” and deeply emotional contemporary pieces such as “Wild as the Wind,” Shaping Sound covers it all and has something every person can connect to regardless if they are an expert dancer themselves.

Shaping Sound covers it all

— Caroline Bradbury

A highlight for everyone that goes to see this creative masterpiece is the opening number to Act Two. The curtain opens in pitch blackness as the first notes to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Queen boom from the speakers.  The scene that follows is an intense all male athletic showcase with flawless lighting to enhance each movement. In the theatre, the audience sang along to the familiar tune, gasped at the powerful fluidity of each dancer, and laughed at the humorous poses the men did in the middle of the piece.  Another standout moment was the emotive duet also in Act Two with Chantel Aguirre and Kyle Robinson.  Both of these original members of the company make unbelievable body positions seem effortless all while dancing with the several beautifully designed set pieces and costumes that create the dream like world the show exists in.

IMG_4413-editHeather Bradbury – Inspired Images

The two lead dancers of the show Teddy Forance and Jaimie Goodwin also captured their roles stunningly.  Throughout the show the two dancers give an outpouring of emotions as they try to find a way to love each other, encountering various obstacles along the way. The theatrical elements they tapped into enhanced their performance greatly and made the show truly moving to watch.

Even when the show was finished and the dancers took their bows after a lengthy standing ovation, especially for Massachusetts natives Teddy Forance, Kyle Robinson, and Channing Cooke, the fun wasn’t over.  Each cast member made sure to take the time to meet the crowds of fans that appreciated their work.  Some people were crying, some were screaming and it was completely overwhelming for everyone involved, but the cast kept their composure and met every single fan that stayed after.  It was unbelievable to see how humble and appreciative the dancers were of their success.

Although the Shaping Sound Tour is over for now, the company plans to take their show all over the world after the holiday season, so keep your eyes out for tour dates at  If you are an aspiring dancer, almost every dancer in the show will be appearing at Break the Floor dance conventions around the country such as NUVO, Jump, and 24/7.  In the summer, the cast also participates in a full week dance intensive in Northampton, Mass called Generation IV created by founder Teddy Forance.  A full cast list appears below if you want further information.

Cast: Travis Wall, Nick, Lazzarini, Teddy Forance, Kyle Robinson, Chantel Aguirre, Channing Cooke, Daniel Gaymon, Jaimie Goodwin, Kate Harpootlian, Justine Lutz, Matthew Peacock, Ben Susak, Chelsea Thedinga, Amy Yakima, Rory Freeman, and Skylar Boykin