Welcome to Wave Week Wednesdays!

Teachers plan while the students sleep


Abby Gendreau, Staff Writer

Many will welcome any chance to get extra sleep and recharge for the rest of the week.

— Abby Gendreau

Every other Wednesday this year, the school day will begin at 8:15 a.m. instead of 7:25 a.m. This news is sure to send joy to students because they will get an extra hour of sleep or more time to do homework. But, why do we have these days? It’s very similar to the advisory days we had last year. The teachers can use this time to have meetings, and no one has to watch the students. The teachers will meet with their departments to compare and discuss ideas on what to teach and the assignments they can give. They will use this time to plan their lessons so they can coordinate them together, and the different classes can all be doing the same things.

For students, these days can have their ups and downs. The change in schedule might throw your whole day off. With only two minutes to travel from class to class, you might be late. Classes are shorter, so it might be hard to get as much accomplished. However, many will welcome any chance to get extra sleep and recharge for the rest of the week. That extra hour can really make a difference in how your day goes. Overall, these days are a great thing to throw in the middle of a long week and might make getting to the weekend just a little easier.