Student Council Winners

Abington High School celebrates its 2021-2022 student government

Julia Riley, Staff Writer

On the morning of October 1, elections were held for class president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer; as well as student council representatives in all grades.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Class of 2022

President-Danika Trucchi

Vice President-Sarah Naidjate

Secretary-Faith Ryan

Treasurer-Shannon Groom


Class of 2023

President- Mary Klein

Vice President-Cameron Testa

Secretary-Kayden Lynch

Treasurer-Rylee DeMinico


Class of 2024

President-William Murray

Vice President-Natalie Van Luling

Secretary-Henry Dao

Treasurer-Emily Augusta



Class of 2025

President-Manuel Perez

Vice President-Natalia Macial

Secretary-Justin Feterowski

Treasurer-Ben Franey


School Council Rep- Sophie Giller

School Committee Rep- Ellie Lindo