CrossFit at Abington High School


Kate Casey

Abington High School students completing a workout during their CrossFit class on February 13,2020

Elizabeth Roy, Staff Writer

Abington High School has been recognized for many accomplishments in academics, arts, and athletics. It is also one of only four schools in Massachusetts that offers CrossFit.

The High School first offered CrossFit in the Spring of 2019. This (2020-2021) was the third year it was offered to juniors and seniors.

When the plans for Abington’s new high school were being finalized, Mrs. Kate Casey was taking over as the Director of Wellness. At that time, she said, “I was working out at my local CrossFit box and I was in love with everything CrossFit. I wanted to bring my passion for CrossFit to the school and share it with my students. So, I put together a proposal for some new PE and Health classes to the school’s administration and CrossFit was included in this proposal.”

After CrossFit was approved, Casey went to get her Level 1 CrossFit Coaching Certification so she could teach the class at AHS. She has been a part of the CrossFit community as an athlete for five years.

“I have learned a lot about myself as a person and as an athlete through CrossFit. It has taught me about the power of hard work, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, the power of grit and determination and really what I am capable of. I have gained a lot of confidence from CrossFit, not just in the gym and in terms of athletics, but in my personal and professional life as well,” Casey said.

Becoming an instructor in CrossFit was a way “to help others looking to become fitter, stronger, faster and more confident,” Casey said. But it is more than just that. “CrossFit give a social connection to people and helps people to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” Casey said. “By coaching CrossFit, I can help others realize their potential.”

CrossFit is more than lifting heavy weights and high intensity workouts. CrossFit helps students get stronger physically and mentally.

Lyla Blanchard, a recent alumna (Class of 2021)  said, “I think many people assume CrossFit only includes exercising your body, but it is so interesting how your mind is exercised too. You have to believe that you can finish your reps and lift the heavy bar, because if your mind is not 100% in it and focused, you will not reach your goals.”

CrossFit is marketed as having many benefits. Their literature states that “children gain the chance to develop confidence in their abilities at a time in their lives when they are deciding how they think about themselves; to be comfortable in their bodies at a time when they may feel the most awkward and vulnerable; and to join a community that supports them and encourages them to support one another.”

CrossFit also serves the needs of the community. “The CrossFit Foundation’s work includes support for veterans, cancer survivors, communities in recovery from substance abuse and addiction, and many others.”

Having CrossFit as part of the Abington community is one more way to find support and encourage one another to be the best we can be.