English Teacher Retiring after Two Decades of Service

English teacher Patricia Pflaumer has taught students of her former students


Emily Coulsey

Abington High School teacher Ms. Patricia Pflaumer in her room on On May 24, 2021. Pflaumer has taught courses in English, Poetry, and Journalism at the high school. She is retiring after 20 years.

Gregorio Baez, Contributor

Ms. Patricia Rose Pflaumer wanted to become a teacher when she was in first grade because of her teacher Mrs. Frederick. But the passion stopped after second grade.

Pflaumer went to Boston College at age 27 and 13 years later she became a teacher. She started teaching at Abington High School in the fall of 2001.

At that time she also became the advisor of the “Student Art Magazine” because she was a poet and the students asked her if she would.

She also created an after school event called Open Mic Poetry Nights. And she was involved in the Poetry Out Loud contest, with some Abington students going statewide to recite poems.

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When the students shine, that’s my highlight.

— Patricia Pflaumer

After her fourth year, she became the advisor of the “Green Wave Gazette,” stepped down, and then reclaimed it again four years ago.

Some of her highlights as a teacher is seeing her students excited and proud about publishing and realizing when they have a voice. “Somehow a spark’s been lit,” Pflaumer said on her students using their voice. “When the students shine, that’s my highlight.”

She is excited for what Gen Z can do for Social Justice.

COVID made her think about what life is and how she wanted to live her years and what else she could do. She believes that there is no right time to retire.

Pflaumer said she “Pays attention to what she is called to and does not think of jobs as jobs, but as vocations.”

After retirement, she wants to spend more time with her father. And she wants to spend time gardening, as that it is her happy place.

She said that she does not believe she has accomplished everything as an English teacher, because some students quit. Pflaumer said she asks herself, “Could I have done something else? Why did they Quit?”