Spirit Week Concludes with Green Wave Pride

Students enjoy the warm weather and spirited day

Abby Joyce and Elizabeth Roy

Students could be seen outside of Abington High School on Friday, April 30. It was the last day of Spirit Week and they were taking in the budding spring weather.

Abington Pride was demonstrated by many students who could be seen wearing Abington insignia or green clothing.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with mask wearing a requirement, teachers and students have found new ways of learning and socializing outside of the building.

Some teachers took their classes outside to engage in classwork, others went for mindfulness walks and took brain and mask breaks all around the school.

Students have been in school face-to-face for two weeks now. Following the shift from the hybrid and virtual model to full days in classes, the week can become tiring, especially with 80 minute blocks.

With May approaching and the seniors last day just weeks away, hopefully there will be many more good weather days for students and staff to enjoy.