Sunny Dispositions

Abington High School students and teachers enjoy the warmer springtime weather

Joseph “ZouZou” Hajjar, a sophomore at Abington High School, relaxes in front of the school while on a mask break on Monday, March 22, 2021.

This year, Abington High School students and teachers can take a break from their daily schedules and get outside each period for a mask break. On Monday, March 22nd, students and teachers were gathered in front of the building enjoying their first day back at school in the springtime.

Sophomore Joseph “Zouzou” Hajjar enjoyed his mask break with his social studies class. “The weather is getting nicer and it is starting to feel like spring,” Hajjar said. During the winter when the weather was cold, mask breaks were not as pleasant.

Long-term substitute business teacher Mrs. Vaughn brought her small business and retailing class outside to enjoy the first official spring day back at school. She said, “it feels great to get outside in the warm weather and soak in some vitamin D.”

Seniors James Foley, Matthew D’Ambrosio, and Mark Cashman enjoyed their mask break with Mrs. Corbett’s physics class. D’Ambrosio said that he feels “inspired” by the warm weather. Classmates Foley and Cashman agreed that the weather is “a morale booster” and “helps improve focus,” respectively.

Kate Baxter, another senior, said that “mask breaks are a perk of the school year” in the Covid-19 era. She said that “taking a break from the school day helps students focus.”

The weather is set out to be nice for the rest of this week. According to the Weather Channel, it may even be going into the 70s on Thursday, March 24. With this beautiful weather, it is finally starting to feel like spring in Abington.