Golf SSL All Stars: 2020

Three Abington Golf Players Tee Up for Success

Junior Ryan Tobin was named as a South Shore League All Star for the 2020 Golf Team.

Michael Van Luling and Emily Coulsey

This year, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) has decided to create spotlights to honor Abington High School’s student athletes. In light of the current pandemic, it is more important than ever to recognize their efforts and talents.

Highlighted on the fifth and final day of these spotlights are three South Shore League All Stars from the Golf team. They are junior Ryan Tobin, senior Connor Buckley, and senior John Polito.

Ryan Tobin

The first South Shore League All Star for the 2020 Golf team is junior Ryan Tobin. Tobin is a three-sport student athlete who plays Golf, Hockey, and Baseball. He is looking to make varsity appearances in all three sports as a junior this year. Tobin, the long-time golfer, has been a varsity starter since freshman year. He loves the relaxation and competitiveness of the sport and was one of the great reasons for the success of the golf team. Tobin broke his own personal record this year with the spectacular score of a 38. In all his competitions, Tobin did not lose a single one-on-one match up, with the biggest one against Cohasset. The Green Wave had not won a match in Cohasset, but they came into the Cohasset Country Club confident and pulled out the win. With his unstoppable and undefeated season Ryan Tobin was awarded the All Star title and he still has a full year of Abington Golf left!

Connor Buckley

The next South Shore League All Star for the 2020 Golf team is senior Connor Buckley. Buckley is a three-sport student athlete playing Golf, Hockey, and Lacrosse. The twelve-year veteran golf player had a stellar senior season and was awarded with the All Star title. When Buckley was asked about his inspiration to play the sport he replied, “I saw Tiger Woods on TV winning the U.S. open in 2008.” For the first time in his career Buckley shot below Par twice and he was also a great leader. He was a very big part of the golf team’s great success. For the first time, Abington took down powerhouse golf team Mashpee this year. Although this was his last golf season, look for Buckley on the ice and the lacrosse field.

John Polito

The final South Shore League All Star for the 2020 Golf team is senior John Polito. Polito is a three-sport varsity athlete who had a terrific golf season this year. He was one of the main members of the team that contributed to their fantastic season. Polito is a great athlete whose talent is evident on the golf course, hockey rink, and baseball field. Although this is his last year playing for the Green Wave, Polito had a great career as a golf player at AHS. Keep an eye out for his name in headlines as we approach the winter and spring seasons!