Voting for the First Time

GenZ will have their voices heard


Brendon Grafton, with permission

Brendon Grafton, a senior at Abington High School, cast his vote in a presidential election for the first time on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Brendon Grafton, Contributor

Brendon Grafton

Today on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, my mother and I took a trip down to Emerald Hall in Abington to share our voices. It was time for me to vote for the first of many times in my life.

I felt a mixture of emotions heading inside the voting area, including nervous, excited, and even a little overwhelmed. However, it was worth it, knowing that I put my voice out there and I did not let my freedoms go to waste.

Voting gives everyone equal opportunity to share their own voices and to attempt to make a change in their community. For me, voting as a part of Generation Z, I feel it is important to take advantage of the opportunity that turning 18 grants.

It is very crucial for my generation to realize that our vote does not just affect us, but it can also be used to benefit those who cannot vote.

Although for most of us in GenZ do not have to deal with paying taxes just yet, our voting will have a say in how tax dollars get spent in our state or country.