What’s in a Symbol?

AHS’s Blue Ribbon flag temporarily removed

Anthony Armstrong, Contributer

On Oct. 19, the Blue Ribbon flag that hung from the flag pole in front of our school had been reportedly missing. How it “disappeared” at first was unknown.

Mr. Bourn learned about it through this report and looked into it. With further investigation, it was discovered that maintenance had taken it down.  

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Abington High School is still a blue-ribbon school.  

— Anthony Armstrong

On Tue., Oct. 20, Ms. Jaime Haughey, Abington’s Head Custodian, said, “Maintenance is looking into a way to secure the Blue Ribbon flag. The rivets on the Blue Ribbon flag currently don’t line up with the tethers (due to the smaller size of the flag). Maintenance and myself made the decision to remove to prevent the flag from damaged until it can be fixed.”

Even though our award-winning Blue Ribbon flag has been taken down, Abington High School is still a blue-ribbon school.  

Update. 10:50 A.M. Oct. 20 The flag was reinstalled.